Five Instagram gems

Instagram is an online world of wonders. From designer wear to date night ideas, Instagram is full of inspiration for every aspect of your life.

I chose my top five Instagram accounts that I draw my daily inspiration from and also, just really handy ones to follow.

1.  @Dublinsbestt

If you love food, you need to follow this account. Easily one of my most stalked Instagram accounts, @dublinsbestt checks out food and drink places in Dublin. If you need an idea for date night then look no further. Mouthwatering pics are paired with honest reviews and details of the food. They have constant competitions and amazing prizes up for grabs. Be warned, these pics are to die for and definitely do not look at when hungry!

2.  @bunker_clothing

They sell the latest designer clothes and shoes at discounted prices. Not only that, they even offer to source an item if it can’t be found online. This Instagram page is perfect for when you want to buy a top dollar gift for a loved one at a below retail price. Also if you’re curious to follow what’s on trend then hit them up as they are seriously into good, quality fashion. Ran by entrepreneur, Kevin Stowe, this page is on the rise.

3.  @cakesbyhannah

Sorry another food one. If you love baking like me, if you just have a sweet tooth or like aesthetically pleasing food, then have a look at this Instagram page. The skill involved in her cakes will knock your socks off. Who knew such artistry could be involved in bakery? She plays with flavours and styles like no one else. If you ever want to try decorate a fancy cake, then take inspiration from her and hope it ends up similar to the pictures.

4.  @aoknutrition

Aisling O’Kelly is a nutritionist based in Dublin with her own clinic. She provides a range of services from food allergy testing to providing hormone supplements especially chosen for you. But why her Instagram I hear you ask? Every couple of days on her Instagram Aisling will do a question and answer session through her story and explains any questions one might have about what she deals with. Check out her Instagram highlights on her educating her audience about the pill and giving the real facts people need to know.

5.  @megarusheprints

Megan Rush is a NCAD student with her own printing business. She makes merchandise from rain jackets to custom canvas prints. These are all fab gifts for the sentimental person in your life. Also who can argue with a bit of modern art cleansing up your news feed?

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