#TakeBackTrinity: Students and Politicians Fight Against “Commodification of Education”

Ruth Cunningham reports on the recent controversy surrounding the implementation of extra fees for students in Trinity College and their knock on effect on less well-off students

Tributes Pour in as Stephen Hawking Passes Away Aged 76

Science’s mercurial maverick has finally passed away after a 50+ year battle with ALS, writes Dylan O’Neill

EPIC museum

This short video is about a museum in Dublin. EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum has been attracting large crowds since it first opened its doors in May 2016.

Founded by Neville Isdell, a successful businessman who was born in Co Down but moved to Zimbabwe at the age of 10, it is described as an ‘immersive interactive’ museum located in Dublin’ docklands. In this video we take a look at what the museum offers and talk to a number of people who work there and explain its appeal.