Public Health Bill Causing Major Headache for Alcohol Companies

John Burke reports on the introduction to the Dáil of the Public Health Alcohol Bill (2015) and looks at the controversy it has caused between television, advertising and alcohol brands

How to Combat the Rise in Phone ‘Phishing’ Scams

John Burke speaks to Oisin O’Connell from the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) on how to combat the rise in ‘phishing’ scams contacting people and asking for card and bank details over the phone. O’Connell offers up his best advice for dealing with a these scam callers and what he feels are the best ways to identify if the scammer calling you is using a fake identity or from the trusted institutions they say they are from?

Turas Nua Aiming to Help People Back to Work

John Burke interviews Councillor Michael Sheehan who is part of the Fianna Fail party for Wexford. Councillor Sheehan spoke about the changes being made in Turas Nua and if they will be beneficial going forward and how he believed the new job scheme that is due to come in to effect from June 1 would make a positive difference to people getting back into the workforce