Cork Harelquins Cricket Club, June 2018. Photo: Ted Williamson reporter and Munster interprovincial cricketer Ruadhán Jones has been looking at how cricket clubs and professional teams are preparing for the season under lockdown. He spoke to Ted Williamson, Munster Red’s interprovincial head coach and coach Cork Harlequins CC, and Kieran Sheffron — Munster’s strength and conditioning coach.

Sports seasons have been cut-off, curtailed, or simply cancelled as a result of the coronavirus. As we enter the summer months, experts have warned that a return to contact sports is “a long way off”.

But not all hope is lost. Speaking to RTE, Dr Paddy Considine — a sports economist — said that “there will be a hierarchy. Individual sports will have an advantage, while team sports or contact sports will be under pressure.”

On top of this, Sport Ireland chief executive John Treacy said that non-contact, outdoor sports will be “a priority” when restrictions are lifted.

For the likes of the GAA, soccer and rugby, this still makes a summer season unlikely. However, some non-contact outdoor sports have an outside chance of playing a shortened season – this includes cricket.

As a member of an interprovincial panel, we have to do everything we can to be ready to hit the ground running. But it’s not all about the professionals – clubs are working hard to keep their members involved and active.

To find out how teams and players are preparing, I spoke to Ted Williamson, head coach of the Munster Reds and coach at his local club Cork Harlequins CC, and to Kieran Sheffron, Munster’s strength and conditioning coach.

Life under lockdown – cricketers prepare for a new season