CC Image courtesy of Guillaume Bonnet on Flickr.
CC Image courtesy of Guillaume Bonnet on Flickr.

Daniel Pim looks ahead to the upcoming season of the hit political drama as it makes its long awaited return.

 House of Cards returns to our screens this Friday. The Netflix series is back for its third season and with it comes the return of everyone’s favourite Machiavellian character; Frank Underwood. Season two left viewers salivating when they saw Frank finally reach his lifelong ambition of becoming President. Now that he’s the most powerful man in the world, the burning question is: what direction will the show take? Will Frank rule with an iron fist or will all his scheming and lies come back to haunt him?

 This article is going to look at some of the best rumours being circulated about season three to give fans a taster of what is in store:

 In an interview with E-news, Spacey talks about how both writer-producer Beau Willimon and producer David Fincher “have a desire to see just how dark that well is and how deep does it go.” What exactly this means for the show and its characters remains to be seen. But it’s incredibly exciting news!


Russia will play a large role in the upcoming series. International relations with China played a huge role in season two and now it seems that the focus has shifted. Lars Mikkelsen has been cast to play the Russian president. From the above trailer we see Mikkelsen’s character refusing to shake Frank’s hand. He’s also seen kissing Claire in front of Frank at some type of function. While fans don’t quite know how large of a role Mikkelsen will play just yet, it’s fair to say that he will cause Frank some serious problems during the infancy of his Presidency.


 Increasing tensions between both Frank and Claire seems to be a theme for the upcoming series. Now that they have finally achieved their goal and become the most powerful couple in the world, what more is there left to achieve? Well, quite a lot apparently. The internet is loaded with rumours of Claire’s ambition and a role with the United Nations seems to be gaining traction with each sliver of information being leaked. Netflix released a very interesting preview about the newest season: “Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright return to Washington with the stakes now higher than ever. President Underwood fights to secure his legacy. Claire wants more than being First Lady. The biggest threat they face is contending with each other.”

In the original BBC series Francis Urquhart (Underwood) is killed by his wife, who hires an assassin to kill him. Elizabeth’s (Claire) reasoning for doing this is that Francis’s legacy will remain intact. Can we really see Claire killing off her Frank like in the original? Hell yes, she is the most interesting and complex character in the entire show. Impossible to read, viewers would agree that she certainly has enough ruthlessness to order Frank’s execution. Will the President meet his untimely demise? Will it follow the original and finish up at the end of season three? One of the co-executive producers Rick Cleveland divulged that as long as the lead actors Kevin Spacey (Frank) and Robin Wright (Claire) agree to keep coming back, the Netflix series will continue.