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The rise of male grooming

There has been a palpable shift in the culture of male grooming in the last decade. In the past a man’s travel bag might consist of a toothbrush, a razor, some moisturiser and shampoo. But now shifting social norms have created a focus on image and the importance of maintaining a presentable and desirable image. This is in contrast to the historical differences between male and female grooming traditions. Now more cosmetic companies provide ranges of products for both men and women.

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The diets preventing heart disease

In the last few years, diets such as vegetarianism and veganism have become much more popular. Bord Bia recently estimated that 8% of the Irish population are now vegetarian, while 4% are vegan. However, an increasing number of Irish people are turning to a flexitarian diet which means that they limit the amount of meat or dairy products in their diet.