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Lebron James enjoying unprecedented Season 15

Lebron James has done the seemingly impossible.  No, that’s not make it out of the streets of Akron, Ohio, raised only by a single mother to become arguably the second greatest basketball player of all time … instead, he has managed to get better in year fifteen of his career. Better might be an overstatement,

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Markelle Fultz, All stardom and the number one pick

Basketball die-hards had followed the 2017 draft’s top trio of Markelle Fultz, Lonzo Ball and Jayson Tatum since before these prospects were old enough to watch Die Hard. As the build up to the draft reached its boiling point, those three names began to become the consensus top-trio. Fultz, a 6-6 wing out of Washington,

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Is sport inherently homophobic?

The recent crackdown on the LGBT community in Russia, along with the recent ban imposed on the planned gay rights parade in Serbia has brought angry finger-pointing from the vast majority of western society. But when one of the biggest social norms (sport) in western society is examined for homophobia, should the finger really be

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