Seeking refuge: domestic abuse in Ireland

‘I walked into the bathroom, looked at myself in the mirror and I was bleeding and I realised it wasn’t love.’ ‘Elizabeth is not alone, either in the abuse she suffered nor in the realisation that she needed help: almost 800 people, including 301 children, received support from Irish domestic-violence services on just one day…

Domestic Violence in Ireland

According to statistics 9,448 women and 3,068 children received direct specialist support from Domestic Violence support services in Ireland in 2014. Despite numerous charities trying to improve women’s situations, domestic violence is still a major issue in Ireland today. BY: Jenny Mooney Image: Giuseppe Milo, Flickr

Ireland’s love affair with Australia

Although outward migration in Ireland is decreasing, a lot of Irish people are still emigrating. These days Australia is not the Irish haven it once was, however figures show that  the love Irish people have for Australia has not quite vanished yet. BY: Iona Shearer

#IAMAREASON: Mental Health Awareness in Ireland

  Following #iamareason going viral on Twitter, The City examines mental health awareness in Ireland and its importance alongside a high suicide rate.   By Fergus Carroll Image: Twitter

Following the primaries: To the Electoral College

As we head into June, the primaries in the US Presidential Election are drawing to a close. It’s been a long road and it looks like it’s going to get bumpy as Donald Trump becomes the expected nominee for the Republican party and Bernie Sanders continues to try with all his might to pip Hillary…

The Brexit Breakdown

Britain is holding a referendum on its membership in the EU — whether it will stay as a member, or if it will leave. Here’s the issue-oriented breakdown on leaving or staying; or as the main referendum campaigns are dubbed: ‘Britain Stronger in Europe’ or ‘Vote Leave’.   by SHANE DEVEREUX Image: Flickr