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The fragile discussion about changing Japan’s constitution during the Covid-19 pandemic’s Ayumi Miyano spoke with a Professor of Political Science at the University of Tokyo about the impact of amending Japan’s famously pacifist document.

‘My phone commanded my non-stop attention… so I quit’: Why we shouldn’t let smartphones rule our lives

We check them up to 150 times a day — but is it good for our wellbeing? Tech insiders have described how we’re “programmed” to never put our phones down.

How will the global pandemic change Japan’s hectic working culture?’s Ayumi Miyano spoke with Tokyo-based businessman Sam Kennedy and Yoshihiro Tsuchiya about Japan’s business traditions


Newbridge in pictures: Rural Kildare town adjusting to restrictions during Covid-19’s Kim O’Leary presents a collection of her own photos from her hometown of Newbridge, Co Kildare, where big and small businesses are fighting to adjust to restrictions – cautiously optimistic that their beloved town will one day flourish again.

The beauty of classical music

Classical music is not just for snobs – beauty can be understood by anyone.

Watch: Trinity’s Korean society on Parasite’s success’s Ayumi Miyano visited Trinity’s Korean society to discuss the

Valentine’s Day around the globe: corporate ploy or a universal love-fest?

Kate Brayden speaks to readers worldwide about their homegrown customs and traditions on Cupid’s favourite day

Watch: Evolution of women’s sports in Ireland

It has taken us quite a while to warm to the fact that our women can become the great athletes they have become.

Watch: Exercise for athletes during quarantine

For many people, exercise is an essential part of anyone’s lifestyle. Whether it’s a run in the morning, a couple of hours in the gym or even a few exercises at home- for athletes, it’s not a lifestyle, it’s their life.

‘I felt like I was being picked on all the time… I was mentally scarred’

While promoting his memoirs, Michael Owen has revealed the alleged

Tokyo Olympics are postponed until 2021 – how did it get to this point?

The President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe agreed to postpone the 2020 Olympic games due to Covid-19

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