A Catch Up With Publin’s John Geraghty

Publin.ie is a pub price comparison and deal-listing website based in, you guessed it, Dublin.

On the site you can find information on over a hundred pubs around the capital, comprising of a quick and easy description, a photo, location, and a price list for the most popular drinks and any drinks specials they might be running on any given night of the week.

The site has gone from strength to strength over the years, with an ever-increasing database of pubs and the brains behind it is John Geraghty. TheCity.ie caught up with John to learn more about the site.

First off, what is Publin?

“The idea for Publin first started out as a web-based idea revolving around prices, like the price of a pint in Dublin but it has now become more than that. Over time, it’s become about much more, all about the pubs in Dublin, the little knick-knacks in pubs around the place, craft beers and where to get them.

“We have tailored searches now too, so people can find places that may do food, or gluten free or have a beer garden.”

How did the idea for it come about?

“I used to work as a tour guide in Dublin and used to organise pub crawls. You could see all these pubs through the tours, and where people liked to spend their money.

“Now, there are so many pubs in Dublin that there is more than likely one to suit anyone, in case people have different tastes, and so from that the idea came about, because Publin caters for that.”

Just how big is the site currently?

“At the moment it is actually pretty big, the site has been going for four years at this stage. It has gotten to the stage that if someone is looking for a place to go you might hear somebody say ‘Do ya know Publin?’ which is nice to hear.

“At the moment it has a pretty big following on Twitter and Facebook, which is encouraging. It has around 25,000 followers between the two sites.”

What is the next step for the site? Are you happy with it just being in Dublin or is there a willingness to branch out to other counties or country wide?

“I suppose while that sounds nice it’s all to do with revenue. At the moment, Dublin city centre has the biggest concentration of pubs in the country, so there is already a pretty decent market here with plenty of stuff to write on.

“Another aspect would be that, you’d have a knowledge of Dublin, where certain pubs are etc, it would be a big job to do that with every pub in the country, there’s also a level of comfort within this area. At the moment I’m pretty happy just being in Dublin, and while there’s more that can be done, I’m very happy with how it is.”

Is it just you or is there a team of people working alongside you?

“It’s still just me right now, it’s my baby. I trust myself to produce the content and am happy with how it’s all going. You might say I am Publin and Publin is me!

“I can see it getting bigger again and should that happen then maybe in the future I can hire someone alongside me but at the moment I’m happy.”