12 Pubs – Which ones to go to

The 12 Pubs has become a feature of the Christmas season for many Dubliners. For bar staff it can be a trying ordeal, because of this many establishments choose not to let large groups through their doors during the festive season. The City is always keen to lend a helping hand and here we present to you a list of places that are –shall we say- willing to accept you and your friends.  

Some places complain that accepting large groups disturb their local customers and that due to size they’re not in a position to accommodate the larger numbers of patrons. However some places like The Bernard Shaw sum up how they feel about with the attitude that: “Sure, it’s Christmas”.

But we would urge you that others are looking to strike a balance between regulars and still have you enjoy yourself. Cassidy’s on Camden Street told us that: “It’s fine as long as you can control it”.

Others though like Flannery’s, also on Camden St, simply say: “Sure we’re designed for that type of thing”. Wherever you do go we ‘d like to suggest that you bear in mind the person behind the bar and on the floor, helping you enjoy your night of festive revelry.

TheCity does 12 pubs of Christmas.

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Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas so TheCity decided to test run a 12 pubs of christmas route. Those of you out there in the blogosphere who are considering kicking off the holiday season with this pub crawl why not try out our route!

The 12 pubs have been a festive institution in Ireland for the past 10 years or so. This annual event has become so popular that its now done all over the world and I have to say its one of my favourite traditions.

Wrap up warm when you’re going from pub to pub because ‘baby its cold outside’.

Here is how you do the 12 pubs this Christmas with thecity.ie, warning this yuletide ritual is not for the faint hearted and also not for those who don’t like The Pogues because you will be singing fairy tale of New York all night long.

The Requirements

  • Christmas jumpers for every member of the group with festive headgear (I went for the reindeer look) a bonus.
  • 1 drink minimum per pub and only 30 minutes per pub to drink up!
  • Mulled wine is an acceptable drink for this challenge but I would stick to pints its far easier to pace yourself!

The Rules

  1. The right-handed pub – all drinks to be held in your hand only.
  2. The fake accent pub – each participant to speak in a different accent for the duration of this pub
  3. The no pointing pub – no pointing
  4. The no swearing pub – no swearing!
  5. The no names pub – no calling anyone in your group by their name.
  6. The left handed pub – no using right hand to hold your drink.
  7. The strangers pub – no acknowledgement of other people in the pub.
  8. The buddies pub – pair up and hold hands with your buddy for this pub
  9. The no resting pub – no sitting down, leaning or letting your drink out of your hand.
  10. The swap shoes pub – swap one shoe with another member of your group, or a stranger.
  11. The down your drink in one pub – your so close to the finish you might as well do it! (Cheat and have a shot!)
  12. The final pub -you’re there, relax, enjoy the rest of your night if you’ve made it this far!

Penalties for breaking the rules for each pub is one shot!

The Route

Map of the 12 pubs routePub 1 – Mulligans on Poolbeg street, one of Ireland oldest pubs and the perfect place to have our first pint.

Pub 2 – Doyles on College street was our next stop.

Pub 3 – The Palace bar on Fleet street.

Pub 4 – The Auld Dubliner had some live music.

Pub 5 – The Foggy Dew was really busy and full of other 12 pub attempters.

Pub 6 – The Stags Head on Dame court.

Pub 7 – The Exchequer – gastro pub

Pub 8 – The Old Stand traditional sports bar.

Pub 9 – Grogan’s pub on South William street.

Pub 10 – Peters Pub on South William Street

Pub 11 – Ryans of Camden street, Almost there!

Pub 12 – Coppers

Click on the map below for an interactive version.

Rock around the christmas tree in every pub as its the most wonderful time of the year, merry christmas everyone.

Dont forget to tweet us your attempt of this mighty challenge!

This pub crawl was responsibly undertaken by Blaithin Henehan and Aidan Knowles.