12 Pubs – Which ones to go to

The 12 Pubs has become a feature of the Christmas season for many Dubliners. For bar staff it can be a trying ordeal, because of this many establishments choose not to let large groups through their doors during the festive season. The City is always keen to lend a helping hand and here we present to you a list of places that are –shall we say- willing to accept you and your friends.  

Some places complain that accepting large groups disturb their local customers and that due to size they’re not in a position to accommodate the larger numbers of patrons. However some places like The Bernard Shaw sum up how they feel about with the attitude that: “Sure, it’s Christmas”.

But we would urge you that others are looking to strike a balance between regulars and still have you enjoy yourself. Cassidy’s on Camden Street told us that: “It’s fine as long as you can control it”.

Others though like Flannery’s, also on Camden St, simply say: “Sure we’re designed for that type of thing”. Wherever you do go we ‘d like to suggest that you bear in mind the person behind the bar and on the floor, helping you enjoy your night of festive revelry.

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