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DIT launch online counselling service

DIT has launched a brand new online web chat service for students to avail of counselling services from the comfort of their own homes. Quick consultations can now be carried out via Google Chat as students can instantly connect with trained counsellors based in almost every DIT campus every morning from 10am until 11am. Although

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Bressie Launches Mental Health Website in Addition to Talks

Bressie has launched a new website which focuses on mental and emotional health, while he continues his series of talks on mental health in Dublin and around the country. The Dublin-based singer, best known for being the front-man for the Irish band The Blizzards and a judge on The Voice, has spoken at a number

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Part time work, the new slave labour?

Workers rights are something that have been challenged over and over again. Throughout the last few decades it’s been inspiring to see people stand up everywhere and fight for their rights. There are a lot of different groups that can say they were treated unfairly for a particular reason. Women have usually always been at

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