Bressie Launches Mental Health Website in Addition to Talks

Bressie has launched a new website which focuses on mental and emotional health, while he continues his series of talks on mental health in Dublin and around the country.

The Dublin-based singer, best known for being the front-man for the Irish band The Blizzards and a judge on The Voice, has spoken at a number of Dublin-based colleges, including his old college UCD in October, DIT in November, and Trinity College this December.

Photo by Cormac Dunne

Just last month in November he launched a new website called my1000hours, which focuses on the importance of mental health as well as physical health, and will also act as an ‘online support blog’. The website explains,

“So many of us put so much emphasis on physical fitness but seem to ignore the importance of our mental or emotional fitness. The evidence surrounding the correlation between positive mental and physical health has never been more profound”

The concept of 1000 hours is to encourage people to improve their mental health by challenging themselves to achieve things such as learning a new skill or running a marathon. This will all be with assistance from the 1000 team “who will help with both the physical training programmes, diets etc…and also the mental processes required to achieve these challenges.

The website is also due to add a section on musical therapy and how it could help to manage depression.

Bressie suffers from Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and since first speaking out about his struggles a year ago in 2013 he has become an advocate for mental health in Ireland. As well as speaking at schools and colleges around the country he has also spoken on a number of television and radio programmes on the issue.

Thanks to DITSU I got to talk to Bressie last month, after his talk on mental health in DIT as part of their Welfare November campaign:

For more information on 1000Hours follow the links below.




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