Dublin restaurant closes due to ‘filthy’ conditions

According to figures released by the HSE, Dublin has seen the most restaurant closures so far in 2017.

Dublin accounted for 44 percent of the total closures in Ireland so far. Following Dublin is Donegal and Cork, each accounting for three percent of the closures.


The lowest amount of closures took place in Laois, Kildare, Longford and Wicklow, with each of these counties only having one food establishment closed.

There have been no closures recorded as of yet in counties Carlow, Cavan, Clare, Galway, Kerry, Kilkenny, Leitrim, Mayo, Monaghan, Offaly, Roscommon, and Waterford.

Punjab Pantry is one of the many food establishments that have been closed this year due to breaches of food safety legislation.

Punjab Pantry, with an address of 39 Richmond Street South, Dublin 2, was closed in February this year by an environmental health officer working with the HSE.

Documents released by the HSE have revealed the reasoning behind the restaurant’s closure, with many legislation breaches being documented.

The environmental health officer recorded approximately 90 to 100 rodent droppings at the back entrance to the premises, as a result of the back door not being adequately pest proofed. A large hole was noted around the pipework at the back entrance also, giving access to the rodents.

Poor temperature control was also noted on the premises with chicken and garlic mayonnaise being stored at the wrong temperatures.

Drainage facilities did not meet the requirements of legislation either. The equipment sink in the kitchen was not connected to the drainage system and the wash hand basin in the basement kitchen was blocked.

The equipment and food preparation surfaces were also a cause for concern, with rust found on the interior of the cooking equipment and dirt, food particles, human hair and debris noted on food preparation surfaces and equipment.

According to the HSE report, the conditions of the restaurant were ‘filthy’.

By Nicole McNelis

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New Magic Menu at Abrakebabra

Abrakebabra recently celebrated the launch of their brand new #NextGenAbra magic menu, as well as a complete overhaul of their thirty restaurants nationwide.

Abrakebabra is a 100% Irish owned fast-food franchise; with the original eatery opening in Rathmines in Dublin in 1982. The food chain is perhaps best known for their Doner kebabs – a popular choice for late night revellers in the city.

Guests at the Dame Street venue were treated to the new magic menu as well as an intimate experience with magic man Keith Barry. Abrakebabra have added a speciality chicken club and have upgraded their Abra-burger with 100% Irish prime beef. Delicious pulled pork and crunchy falafel with hummus have also been added. This is your place if you love loaded fries, loaded chicken baguettes and big portions.

The re-branding has come following the need to keep up-to-speed with changes in the fast-food industry and the needs to meet consumer demands. The make-over includes comfortable seating and sharing tables, as well as environmentally friendly ‘to-go’ packaging; showcasing a bold new look for the brand.

Adam Beere is Senior Brand Manager for Abrakebabra. He expressed his delight at the changes:

“Abrakebabra has been a cultural food institution among Irish clubbers and pub-goers since it opened 33 years ago and we’re proud to offer the best quality, most mouth-watering fast-food to these customers. However we felt the time was right to build on that success by introducing a reinvigorated menu and contemporary store design that will appeal to a new wave of Irish customers across Ireland.

“The menu has been designed to not only offer our world-class food options, but also provide healthier lunch-fuel and family dinner options. We feel confident that new and existing customers will appreciate our tastiest food to date, fresh look, excellent value and convenient service,” he added.

For more information or to find your nearest Abrakebabra visit Abrakebabra.com