Irish Blog Awards 2013

Irish-Blog-Awards-Image With over 30 Categories in the list, this years Irish Blog Awards was a great success with numerous Irish Blogs being showcased as the finest in the country on Saturday 12th of October.

At the awards ceremony in Naas, Kildare, the winners were announced after weeks of judging.

There is the initial nomination phased followed by a 3 separate judging panels breaking it down from the long list, to the short list to the finalists where five blogs from each category are then chosen.

According to its organisers, “The Awards will offer businesses an opportunity to increase their visibility and prominence in social media circles. With more people being guided in their buying decisions by bloggers rather than friends opinions, blogging is a considerably influential tool in word of mouth marketing.”

The blog awards showcase some of Irelands finest writing and blogging talents from music, to food, to politics and general interest. Find the list enclosed below.

1. Best Great Outdoors Greenside Up
2. Best Music Blog Dublin Concerts
3. Best Popculture Blog Brand New Retro
4. Best Food / Drink Blog One Man’s Meat
5. Best Health and Wellbeing Blog Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer
6. Best Technology Blog The Sociable
7. Best Photography Blog Foxglove Lane Studio
8. Best Eco/Green Blog Greenside Up
9. Best Sport/Recreation Blog Sports News Ireland
10. Best Blog of a SME business One Fab Day
11. Best Arts and Culture Blog The Irish Aesthete
12. Best Designed Blog Molly Moo
13. Best Mobile Compatible Blog Squidgy Moments
14. Best Blog of a Journalist Bibliocook
15. Best Podcast Blog The Sodshow
16. Best News/Current Affair RadioNation
17. Best Corporate Blog Chill Insurance Blog
18. Best Video Blog Forkful
19. Best Political Blog Jason O’Mahony
20. Best Blog in the Irish Language Aran Songs
21. Best Newcomer (started after 1st June 2012) French Foodie in Dublin
22. Best Youth Blog Gourmet Dough
23. Best Personal Blog French Foodie in Dublin
24. Best Science/Education Blog
25. Best Humour Blog At the Clothesline
25. Best Humour Blog With All the Finesse of a Badger
26. Best Beauty/Fashion Blog Ol’ Green Eyes
27. Best Lifestyle Blog Greenside Up
28. Best Craft Blog Molly Moo
29. Best Group Blog Broadsheet
30. Best Blog of the Diaspora Irish Fireside
31. Best Overall Blog Greenside Up
32. Best Blog Post – Irish Graduate: The Reality
33 Glenisk Recipe Contest One Man’s Meat

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