Rally for Suicide Prevention for World Mental Health Day

A small group of protesters stood outside the Dáil on the afternoon of Friday October 10th for World Mental Health Day to rally for a better mental health system in Ireland.

Among the group were the co-founders of Action for Suicide Prevention Dublin, Luke S. Clerkin (23) and Jamie Harrington (16). The aim of the rally was to promote the introduction of a 24-hour crisis care line to help those in need.

The group were able to attract the attention of David Norris, who came out of the Dáil to talk to the protesters and express his concerns over the forthcoming budget, “There are difficult decisions to be made but they are always made at the expense of the most vulnerable.”

Mary Lou McDonald also spoke to the group outside the Dáil, congratulating the young people on promoting the issue and promising to have the issues proposed for the Budget on Tuesday.

Featured image: Andrew Mason, http://bit.ly/1sAy7is

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