A catch up with Conor Flynn from A Slice of Home

A Slice of Home is a new website started by Conor Flynn to deliver Irish products to all the homesick Irish living abroad, specialising in Tayto, Cadbury chocolate, and tea bags.

The City caught up with Conor to talk about the site and its future.

Why did you set up A Slice of Home in the first place?

“To be honest the amount of people I saw on my Facebook and Twitter feed just saying they miss Tayto, they miss Cadbury, they miss Lyons and Barry’s Tea and they couldn’t get it anywhere. A lot of places in Australia and Canada have Irish shops, but because of price gouging it’s really expensive to get anything. You’re looking at upwards of €10 for a packet of tea bags, so I figured, why not take the hassle out of everybody looking for the stuff and then everybody’s mammies and daddies having to go to the shop, pack it up and send it.”

Do you have many friends abroad?

“Yeah I have a good few, that’s what spurred me on to do it. For one or two of my friends I said, ‘Sure look send me the cash and I’ll do it for you’, then I had a couple more asking me about it so I ended up putting it online where there seems to be a decent amount of demand for it.”

How long has the website been going?

“We’re live coming on two weeks now. We had a lot of publicity in the first week. In the first few days we had a real big uptick in orders but now it’s steadying out at an average amount of orders a day.”

What’s your most popular order at the moment?

“Tayto cheese and onion hands down. Second is Cadbury Dairy Milk, we do seven packs of Dairy Milks and a few of them end up filling most of the boxes.”

What are your future plans for the website?

“We are kind of small scale at the moment and I just got a bit of a deal from An Post so I can start offering slightly more reasonable postage rates, but the main one would be to scale it up so I can get someone in Canada that I can send everything to in bulk and they can post it out from there for much cheaper to everybody else.”

I know its early days but how are you finding people’s reception to the website?

“People seem to like it… I’ve been flooded with other ideas to put on the site, from vinegar to a Penneys goody bags. Countless women have asked me to put together some kind of Penneys goody bag to send to them in Canada and Australia. People have been fairly positive and they are coming in with more ideas and that is really what I want.”

What kind of products are you hoping to introduce in the future?

“It’s really the case of whatever the demand is we are more than happy to get a request for somebody and throw it in the box no hassle. Obviously we can’t send bread and other foods, I mean SuperValu sausages were a huge one people wanted, but it’s a non-runner.”

Last question, Lyons or Barry’s?


For more information about A Slice of Home, you can visit their website, Facebook and Twitter.

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