Christmas tips to be mindful of this year

Christmas can be a stressful time for some people, as it is one of the busiest seasons of the year.

Walk In My Shoes have released a list of tips to help you look after your mental health this Christmas. The campaign, set up by St. Patricks Mental Health Foundation, is targeted at 18 to 25 year olds. According to the campaign, 75 percent of mental health issues emerge before the age of 24.

As Ireland has one of the highest suicide rates in Europe for young people, being mindful of your mental health this Christmas is vital.

Walk In My Shoes’ first tip is to make a mindful list. This is like a ‘to do’ list, but instead of making a list of things that you feel obliged to do, Walk In my shoes suggests making a list of activities that you want to do and makes you happy.

In all the craze that is Christmas, they also recommend that taking time for yourself is important. Activities such as going for a walk can be not only good for our physical health, but also our mental health.

“Physical activity lifts your mood and can reduce stress. Go for a walk and pay attention to the sights, sounds and smells at this time of year. Walk with as much awareness as you can,” Walk In My Shoes states.

Their final most important message is to be kind this Christmas, to yourself and others. With 25 percent of people suffering with mental health at one point or another throughout our lives, reaching out to one another this Christmas time is the best gift you can give.

If you are suffering from any issues this Christmas or want to find out more information, contact Walk In My Shoes on 012493555 or visit their website.

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