Santorini: The Island of Romance    

John Burke takes a look at what Santorini has to offer couples planning a romantic break

Over the past few years, Santorini has become well known for its fantastic scenic views and fabulous tourist attractions. This is the perfect destination for a couple planning a weekend away.

The average flight prices from Dublin to Santorini are €255 euro which can be found on Skyscanner. These flights can vary year round and in peak season it can go as high as €400.

One of the most common tourist attractions is the helicopter ride around the Island and over the Aegean Sea. It is expensive at €1,500 per 30-minute ride for up to five people, but if you are prepared to pay the price it is well worth it. Also included is pick-up and drop off to and from your hotel. While gliding over the island’s volcanic caldera, you can take in the picturesque views of New Kemani, Santorinis most famous beach.

The well known hiking walk from the cliffs of Fira to Oia is one of the more spectacular scenic walks to take around the Island. Start out in the morning and walk around when it’s a bit cooler than normal.This was extremely tiring to do but was worth it when we reached the summit.

There is also a very popular hiking trail between Perissa and Kamari Beach that passes by Ancient Thera, an antique city at the summit of the mountain. These hiking trails can take up to two hours and have made Santorini become synonymous with these amazing walking routes.

After completing these walks, why not treat yourself to a glass of wine with some locally grown olives and bread. This is all included when you sign up at the registry office where the tourist walk begins. The tourist walks are at a price of €60.

The boat trips around Santorini are another one of my favourite activities from Santorini.Take your other half to see the scenic views and fantastic settings which Santorini has to offer. The boat trip brings you up by the seashore in Oia where you can look over the fabulous town with the sunshine beaming down over the white rooftops. This particular boat trip has been the main tourist attraction in Santorini for a number of years.

The boat trips start at approximately 8 a.m., where you will be picked up by bus to the port where the boat will be set to take sail. Prices are from €60 per person, including a choice of drink on board, compliments of the Captain. The boat trip also includes dinner on board where you can enjoy some of Greece’s finest cuisines.

There is a trip around the Island where you can ride on donkeys up and down the New Kemani beach where you will be guided by a tour guide. Rides on the donkey last up to 45 minutes and is at the very cheap cost of €8. On my trip to Santorini this was one of the best activities I did.

An American girl called Rachel Jones has been travelling around the world and has mentioned quotes about her time at Santorini. Rachel is quoted saying: “Nea Kameni the Volcano on the island, which has one active crater. I bought an awesome candle that has a covering made from the lava. Its gorgeous. I bought one for my mom too, how much fun to carry too hunks of hard lava in my backpack”

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