DSPCA puppy play dates

Ethan McDonagh and Megan Kavanagh travel to the Dublin Mountains to join in on all the fun at the weekly DSPCA puppy play dates.

The Puppy play dates allow puppy owners, to socialise their puppies with humans & dogs. Early puppy socialisation is critical. Each session is 45-minutes long providing puppies ages 8 weeks to six months a safe and fun environment to learn social skills.

Not only that but the DSPCA offers  Puppy & Adult training classes. These classes cover basic and specific behavioural issues and specialised courses for reactive dogs. The fee for these classes is donated back to fund the DSPCA Animal Shelter.

According to Jodie Pezzilli, the DSPCA’s Dog Training Coordinator,  any use “of the services at DSPCA, including the pet Hotel for dogs & cats, Dog Training Academy, Doggie Daycare, Veterinary Clinic, 100% of the income goes directly back to fund the work of DSPCA helping the sick and cruelly treated animals.”



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