Dublin’s taxi drivers: fifth friendliest in the world


Dublin reacts to the Hotels.com poll, which scores the city’s taxi drivers as the fifth friendliest in the world.

By Liam Keegan

Do you know first aid?

A study carried out by NUI Maynooth in October 2012, on behalf of the Irish Red Cross shows that 95% of people surveyed would not respond in an emergency situation, such as a traffic accident or cardiac arrest, as they feared not being competent enough to offer assistance, even if they have been trained in first aid.
We went to the streets of Dublin to see what the public thought.

Should women be allowed carry pepper spray in Ireland?

In light of the Jill Meagher murder in Australia, questions have been raised about the rights women have to protect themselves in Ireland.

At the moment it is illegal to carry pepper spray as a form of protection in this country.

But should it be legalised? Here’s what the people of Dublin think.