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Vinyl comeback seen on Dublin streets

Dublin’s city centre has found itself inundated with the oddest of entrepreneurial ventures over the past few months. Apparently, Dubliners just can’t get enough craft beer, poké, expensive coffee and €3 doughnuts that are packed with enough sugar to induce Type 2 diabetes. However, while these have quickly flooded our shelves and (somehow) emptied our

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Dublin Climbing Centre: scaling high and setting the bar in the launch of accessibility week.

Rock-climbing and mountain scaling are hobbies most people find themselves intimidated by, even as an indoor sport. So few of us actively take an interest in pursuing such an activity that it’s all the more encouraging to see children and adults with intellectual and physical disabilities take full participation in these ostensibly daunting pursuits. This

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Cyclist safety uncertain as Luas Cross City prepares to launch

With the Luas Cross City project almost launched, Lee Shields explores the dangers to the city’s cyclists as Luas tracks have been extended across the city. The new Luas Cross City line is due for it’s official start of service on Saturday at 2pm.  The service is an extension of the Green Line through the

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