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Daily Show photographer Sean Gallagher opens up about life in show business

We’ve all wondered what we would see behind the curtains of a TV show. There is a combination of mystery and fascination with what goes on behind the scenes, and the process that takes place until the show is presented to us. The Daily Show is one of those shows. The American late-night satire programme

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Lebron James enjoying unprecedented Season 15

Lebron James has done the seemingly impossible.  No, that’s not make it out of the streets of Akron, Ohio, raised only by a single mother to become arguably the second greatest basketball player of all time … instead, he has managed to get better in year fifteen of his career. Better might be an overstatement,

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Consistency is key for Cúltech

The Synthetic Hurley made by Cúltech has increased the consistency of striking, according to recent data obtained from a novel experiment conducted by journalists of thecity.ie. In a test conducted on the 10th April 2017 the results found the synthetic variant to be 20.83% more consistent than ash-made hurls. The standard deviation (which measures how

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