Hard Working Class Heroes

hard-working-class-heroesHard Working Class Heroes has passed us by for another year and continues to improve upon itself; showcasing the finest in independent Irish music every time.

This year played host to numerous new acts as well as some of the bigger up and coming bands on the scene in Ireland at the moment.

As with every year at Hard Working Class Heroes, the biggest set back of the entire weekend is the limited time for change over in between acts. Between most acts ending and another beginning there is an average 10 minute time period.

In this time, bands are expected to remove themselves and their equipment form the stage and make time for another band to set up, tune and get in to play. Impossible is not the word.

This change over leads to continuous delays and stress for bands who are hoping to fully showcase their talents, but without a sound-check, how is that to be expected?

The majority of the acts pull it off, playing a limited set that tends to get cut short by the stage managers to try and forego an further delays that will inevitably happen.

Apart from this one slip, Hard Working Class Heroes is one of the finest festivals to hit Dublin and its run in October tends to bring a close to the festival circuit for the year. It’s notable for showcasing who might make it in the next year and what we can expect from those already on the circuit.

This year saw some exceptional acts take the stage:

I Have A Tribe

I Have a Tribe are fairly new on the scene with a single song online for people to listen to. Their live set is so much more than this song shows off. It is an ethereal experience that showcases a level of showmanship and musical capabilities unexpected from a new band. One to certainly keep an eye on over the next few months.


Tvvins (pronounced Twins) is the newest side project to come out of Conor Adams from The Cast of Cheers who was previously working on Charmers. This time he takes the reigns with Lar Kaye of Adebisi Shank and No Spill Blood and produces a heavy riff driven act supported by voxer vocals and synth backing. Their first set ever was played over the weekend in Bad Bobs and may have taken the cake as the most impressive live act of the weekend. Musically Conor Adams and Lar Kaye prove again and again they are a force to be reckoned with, and teaming up has just cemented this fact.

Tandem Felix

Meeting House Square is a big stage to fill, and Tandem Felix manage to do so effortlessly with all those encompassing, atmosphere filled tunes, that may just be the love child of James Mercer and Thom Yorke. Talented lads, who command the growing crowd with their wit and knock them out with stunning sounds. Definitely ones to watch.


Playing to a jam packed Button Factory, the man everyone wanted to see on Thursday night considerably enraptured the eager crowd with his stunning vocals. Considering the relatively short time allotment, Hozier managed to pack a punch, with a varied set of material ranging from old, new and cover versions (Whole Lotta Lovesounded a whole lot different).

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