Hozier video goes viral

Hozier playing The Button Factory for Hard Working Class Heroes - Photo by Sarah Buckley
Hozier playing The Button Factory for Hard Working Class Heroes – Photo by Sarah Buckley

Hozier is a name that’s starting conversations all over the place lately following the release of the Dublin singer-songwriters debut EP “Take Me To Church” in July. What’s making waves though is his recently released video for the track of the same name.

‘Take Me To Church’ is the most complete song from Hozier’s nascent career, a soulful high-spirited track which seeks redemption in the flesh through metaphors around church worship – “if the heaven’s ever did speak / she’s the last true mouth piece”, “I was born sick but I love it / command me to be well”.

Feel Good Lost’s black and white video for the track also addresses that issue: by showing what can happen to a gay couple who face the violent homophobic backlash that ensues when the community learns of one of the man’s sexuality.

Hozier told State Magazine recently that the video:

“references the recent increase of organised attacks and torturing of homosexuals in Russia, which is subsequent to a long, hateful, and oppressive political campaign against the LGBT community. The song was always about humanity at its most natural, and how that is undermined ceaselessly by religious organisations and those who would have us believe they act in its interests. What has been seen growing in Russia is no less than nightmarish, I proposed bringing these themes into the story and Brendan liked the idea.”

Frantically shot with a palpable sense of dread, the narrative explores homophobia, violence and oppression with the harsh unforgiving eye of the camera capturing the fear and aggression portrayed with a real feeling of precision communicating the subject matters all too real relevance.

As of writing the video has recieved over 239,385 views on Youtube.

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