Gesaffelstein the Great

Gesaffelstein is a 28 year old Dark Techno DJ who, despite having a name more German-sounding than two Bratwursts in a pair of lederhosen, hails from Lyon in France.

Well known to aficionados of Techno, Gesaffelstein is not quite yet a household name, but having already collaborated with big names such as Daft Punk, Brodinski and Kanye West, I suspect it won’t be long before his name is on everyone’s lips (despite the fact that it really is quite difficult to pronounce).

This is the first time the Techno artiste has graced Ireland with his presence, and so there was a significant amount of buzz surrounding this gig. To be honest when I heard that it was the Button Factory he was to play, I was just a little bit sceptical. This is a big venue, and if enough people fail to turn up for a show, it can leave the room looking a little sad and empty. Like the inside of Paris Hilton’s head.

However I needn’t have worried. Loyal fans showed up in their droves and packed out the standing room area to create an electric atmosphere that was buzzing with anticipation and sticky with the sweat of close to a thousand teenaged techno lovers.

The sizeable crowd at the Button factory
The sizeable crowd at the Button factory

The Japanese Popstars supported, and while I also had my doubts of this choice of opening act, I was once again proved wrong, as the Northern Irish three-piece managed to hold the attention of the crowd quite well, though it was obvious the vast majority of revellers had come there to hear one thing and one thing only: Techno, and lots of it.

When Gesaffelstein finally took to the stage the feeling of excitement in the room had reached fever pitch. As the he began to play, the relentless, thumping, baseline appeared to transform the crowd into one single, bouncing, bumping entity, loosely tethered together by the beat, and, of course, more sweat.

Gesaffelstein played an amazing set, a combination of originals and remixes, dark and light. To say his first Irish gig was a success would be a gross understatement, and I can only hope he’ll be back to us again soon. Judging by the reaction he drew from the audience, I’m not alone in this feeling.

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