Copping for the coffers

Copper face jacks is renowned for its cheesy music, flirtatious banter, inappropriate groping and questionable dance moves, but now the Dublin nightclub has something it can actually be proud of, its €6.81mn pre-tax profit last year.  That’s a lot of Jägerbombs right there.

The profits are similar to the previous year when All-Ireland winning captain Bryan Cullen told fans they’d “See you all in Coppers” after lifting the Sam Maguire in September 2011.

But what is it about the hotspot that gathers hundreds of (mostly drunken) people to the Harcourt Street location every single night of the week? We went out on the streets of Dublin to try and answer this question for ourselves.

Caroline Sheridan, 23, said “The atmosphere is unreal; you just know you’re going to have a good time if you go there”.

Ailish White 25, said “When I used to go there it was all about the music for me and my friends. It’s so cheesy and you can have a good dance. Where else would you get the spice girls and backstreet boys on a Saturday night?”

John McKeon, 23, said “A lot of it has to do with the name. It’s a trend to go there. People have been going for years and will be going in years to come, because of the name”.

Sarah Griffin, 21, said “No matter what day you go, you are bound to see someone you know. If you get lost from your friends it’s only a matter of time before you find other people you know. It’s great; I have bumped into cousins, neighbours, people I haven’t seen in years, all in coppers”.

Dave Woods, 24, said “Without sounding too cliché about it, if you’re looking for love, at least short term, Coppers is the place to go. Everyone knows it, that’s why we love it”.

Ciara Gately, 23, said “The music, dancing, the country accents, GAA boys everywhere and it opens until 5am. You just can’t go wrong with a night in Coppers”.

However, not everyone we asked was fond of the popular venue.

Katie Toolan, 21 said, “I hate the way it’s supposedly ok for guys to treat girls like pieces of meat at Coppers, like we’re animals at a petting zoo. Not cool.”

What is it about coppers that you love (or hate)? Let us know below. 

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