Get your Copper Face Jocks

For students living outside Dublin, it is second to none as the best place to experience Dublin city nightlife for the first time.

It’s where all Dublin-based stag parties end up. Famous for celebrating national sporting events thanks to the Dublin Gaelic football team and the Sam Maguire Cup, it’s as Irish as a chicken fillet roll.

Now the infamous Dublin nightclub Copper Face Jacks on Harcourt Street is more than just a Dublin night club. The iconic club released its branded underwear earlier this week dubbed Copper Face Jocks.

The nightclub have manufactured and designed a pair of women’s briefs in a dazzling bright orange and white, along with black and gold underpants for men.

Sadly, the public will not be able to purchase the soon-to-be collector’s items. The club intends to use these one-of-a-kind briefs as prizes during events at the nightclub.

The night club have been asked on more than one occasion if they sell Coppers merchandise. “It’s always being bandied about and we thought we should do it for a bit of craic,” said Carl Andreucetti, marketing manager at Coppers. “I can’t quite remember where the idea of the Coppers pants came from.”

Dublin footballer Bernard Brogan received the pants just days before he captained the Ireland squad who beat Australia to win the Cormac McAnallen Cup.

Brogan shared the image on his Twitter account claiming the pants to be “lucky”. He posted: “Got my lucky pants for tomorrow, how could we lose now!! #CopperFaceJocks”.


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