PS “Love, Rosie”: a rom com with a difference

Lily Collins’ eyebrows. This was the main reason I wanted to see “Love, Rosie”. Obviously the trailer has me interested, who doesn’t love a good rom com.

The film is loose adaptation of Cecelia Ahern’s book, “Where Rainbows Ends…” and follows Rosie and Alex, childhood friends, and their constant conflict with bad timing in search of their happily ever after. Through flashbacks and passing years the film shows life’s strain on the typical boy/girl friendship. However despite the supposedly ageing lead characters, Lily Collins and Sam Claflin looked as young as ever by the end of the film.

Cecelia Ahern’s latest book adaptation was shockingly good. I know not to judge a book by it’s cover but with the ‘Diddly aye potato’ accents that came with ‘PS I Love You’s’ adaptation I had my concerns, however I needn’t have with director, Christian Ditter abandoning half attempted Irish accents.

The film is set in England and Boston, however Irish viewers will notice that all is not as it seems with the supposed backdrop of England really being set in our own fair city with views from St Stephen’s Green shopping centre and The Harlequin on Drury Street.

The 102 minute rom com had laughs, sighs and a few tears as well from beginning to end. And although there was no complete plot twist, the film definitely had the viewer hooked from beginning to end with it’s cringe situations and witty one liners.The film itself was uplifted by it’s time travelling soundtrack with tunes from The Ketchup song to Lily Allen’s “F**k You”.

The daughter of Rock’n’Roll royalty, Lily Collins is an ideal lead as the part of English Rose meets girl next door. Her portrayal of the hopeless heroine Rosie Dunne, without being the typical chick flick damsel in distress breaths a new lease of life into this romantic comedy. And her on-screen chemistry with the film’s eye candy, Sam Claflin brought the characters credibility.

Overall “Love, Rosie” was an extremely enjoyable film which kept me entertained until the end and had me wanting to watch it again. And yes, Lily Collins’ eyebrows were fabulous and flawless throughout.

Image courtesy: Lionsgate Publicity

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