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Terminator Halloween look by Rachel Taglient MUA
Terminator Halloween look by Rachel Taglienti MUA

We all know that girls love doing their make up on a daily basis, but the Halloween season allows us to get a bit more creative with the makeup brushes to create the perfect look.

Makeup artists around the country have been preparing themselves for weeks for what is their busiest time of year.

According to Inglot makeup artist, Rachel Taglienti, she needs to prepared to do these looks weeks in advance.

“I get busier during Halloween but I make sure to be well prepared, she said, “some Halloween makeovers can take over two hours, so being prepared and knowing what parts of the look you want to do first really cuts down on time”.

Rachel, who has had a career in makeup since 2004, has worked with most of Ireland’s TV personalities and models throughout her career, but says that Halloween is her favourite time of the year for doing makeovers.

“I trained in special effects and it certainly allows you to be creative. It’s such a contrast to doing a normal make over”, said the makeup artist.

“Halloween makeovers have no rules – it’s literally anything goes. A lot of the time the messier the better”, she added.

Some of Rachel’s most popular Halloween looks include the Terminator and a skeleton look, but her most requested last year was the sexy vampire.

Here is the ‘sexy vampire’, with steps by Rachel on how to get this look.

Sexy Zombie look by Rachel
Sexy Vampire look by Rachel

“I just did a very dark purple cut crease on the eyes and pink and purple contouring on the face. A red and purple lip, I had blood dripping from the side of my mouth and a bite mark on my neck! This whole look was created using eyeshadow and can be done in under 30 minutes”, said Rachel.

Another makeup artist who loves the Halloween season is Gemma Leigh, who only began her makeup career this year.

“I really enjoy the more creative, unusual side to makeup so Halloween is the perfect time for me to indulge in that”, she said.

Gemma, who is currently doing a makeup course with Callanberry Acadamy, has also noticed how busy the Halloween season gets for makeup artists.

“It’s a crazy time where I’ve literally had to turn people down, there are so many people enquiring”, she said.

Here is a recent ‘zombie look’ that Gemma did, with steps on how to perfect it.

Zombie look by gemma
Zombie look by Gemma
  1. Cover your face in a greyish shade. I mixed a pale foundation with a grey eyeshadow pigment, but you could always use facepaint if you find that easier.
  2. Take liquid latex and paint it on your face around your mouth nose, and down your neck using a cheap brush or sponge as you’ll have to bin it once finished.
  3. Apply a thin layer of cotton wool or one ply toilet roll over the latex then apply more latex over that. Allow the latex to dry and repeat this process until you have built up enough “skin” to play around with. You can use a hair dryer on a cool setting to speed up this step.
  4. Once you’re happy with the build up and it’s dry, paint the latex with the colour you used on your face and powder with a face powder to reduce the shine from the latex
  5. Take some cool toned brown, grey and black shadows and build up some shading around the hollows of your eyes, make it darkest in the inner corner and then crease and blend this out. Also use these brown and grey colours in the hollows of your cheekbones and temples of your forehead for a really “sunken in” look.
  6. Take a cool purple eyeshadow with a small brush, such as an eyeliner brush and draw some squiggly veins wherever you desire.
  7. Pull and rip your latex piece until your happy with how it looks then paint the underneath red. You can use either facepaint or drying blood for this.
  8. Paint the area underneath your latex black. Do this sheer and messy as it shouldn’t be stark or perfect, then take blood gel and paint this on top. Add some liquid blood wherever you wish inside your “wound” and around the edges where the latex meets your skin, even in your mouth if you’re going really gory!
  9. You can stop here if you wish, but I chose to paint my teeth black with tooth enamel and added some contacts, they were the “zombie” eyes available from Halloween Hq stores.

More looks by Rachel can be found on Instagram @RayTag, or Facebook: Rachel MUA

More looks by Gemma can be found on Instagram: @gemmale_makeup or on Facebook: MakeUp by Gemma



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