Deluge at the Dáil

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The City talked to some of the protesters in Dublin City Centre, at the second mass-organised demonstration against water charges, and one of the latest large protests seen in Ireland in recent months.

People came from around the country, with buses bringing masses of people from every county. Some marched with comical signs and outfits, and others held posters, some which expressed fear, but mainly anger at The Government.

Number estimates for the turnout vary. The City approached Gardai during the march, who placed turnout at around 70,000, but possibly up to 100,000. Throughout the day other people reinforced this estimate, but the official estimate from the Gardai is now 30,000, with organisers maintaining the original figure.

The next protest is planned for Janurary of next year.

Presenter – Louise McLoughlin
Camera – Martin Phelan
Editor – Ross Mc Govern

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