Auschwitz liberated 70 years ago today

KZ Auschwitz, Einfahrt



Today marks 70 years since Jewish prisoners were freed from Auschwitz concentration camp. Many different communities and religions will remember the victims throughout the world on this memorable day. However many Jews did not make it out of the gates they walked in through at Auschwitz. The concentration camp is a grave site to over 1 million Jews. Today these lost souls will be remembered for their bravery and for their strength.

It is estimated that six million Jews lost their lives to the monstrous Nazi regime. Many Jews lost their fight for survival by being starved and being denied basic living conditions needed to prevent disease.What is not very well known, is the story of a young Jewish Irish woman Esther Steinberg and her infant son.  Esther emigrated to France after she married a Frenchman, Ester and her son were both abducted and brought to an unknown concentration camps. While her death isn’t directly associated with Auschwitz, it is associated with the overall devastation that the concentration camps brought throughout Germany, Poland and Bavaria.

To celebrate the liberation of the Jews at Auschwitz, America has declared the 27th of January as their International Holocaust Remembrance Day. To celebrate the 6 million victims of the Holocaust who lost their lives too soon simply because of their religious beliefs. To honour their survival, over 300 Holocaust survivors will not only gather to remember their lost family members or friends, but also celebrate the life they have been able to live because of the freedom granted to them by the Soviet Union on the 27th of January 1945.


Tuesday, 27th January. By: Hannan Raisuni

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