Valentines and Whips

Photo by Natasha Reis
Whips and handcuffs in Dublin sex-shop, Glamworld. Photo by Natasha Reis

The release of Fifty Shades of Grey has finally come, whether you like it or not. The novels stormed best seller lists and become a topical subject and recognised globally.

Many are flocking to the cinemas in exhilaration while others to quench a morbid curiosity. One thing is sure, Fifty Shades of Grey has a marmite effect on its audience.

It is no surprise that some shops which sell Fifty Shades memorabilia are getting sick of hearing about the franchise. When mentioning to an Ann Summers employee Fifty Shades of Grey her sneer spoke wonders for her growing impatience for the topic.

Tim McDonald who works at one of Dublin’s sex shop Glamworld, explains the Fifty Shades of Grey effect: ‘after the first release of the books there was a global increase of sales of the likes of the jiggle balls, that really took off about 600% increase in sales globally.’

With the movie release a day before valentines sales for shops like Glamword and Ann Summers are expected to reach an all-time high. McDonald explained that ‘you might find when they run out of ideas they might come to us as a last result.’

So if you are one of the many men struggling to find a gift for your loved one perhaps take a trip down Dublin’s lanes and go for something a little different?

Photo by Natasha Reis
Glamworld sex-shop, Dublin. Photo by Natasha Reis

The London Fire Brigade has hilariously took to Twitter to start their own hashtag ‘#fiftyshadesofred’ tweeting stories of Fifty Shades of Lovin’ that have gone wrong.

By Natasha Reis

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