Residents fear Longboat Quay evacuation could spell disaster for Docklands

Grand Canal Dock residents fear that the fire safety problems at Longboat Quay could lead to a “nightmare scenario” for the area.

The local resident’s association has asked all of its members to petition local representatives to ensure that the owners of apartments in the fire trap complex do not have to pay for the remedial works needed to make the building safe.

“This is not just a problem for the residents of Longboat Quay but it is a terrible situation for all residents in the Grand Canal Dock Area,” the committee said in a mail to its members.

“The failure to resolve the issue and the evacuation of Longboat Quay would mean a nightmare scenario for Grand Canal Dock – vacant and abandoned apartments, the closure of local businesses, the loss of employment to the area and the loss of 900 of our friends and neighbours,” it continued.

The upscale development, which is a mix of social and private apartments, has been deemed unsafe by Dublin Fire Brigade and a notice issued last week compelled work to begin in a month to fix the issues.

Problems include a lack of fire-stopping material in linking areas in the complex.

Failure to complete the works will lead to a closure notice on the building and the evacuation of some 900 residents.

While works are being arranged and completed, people in the buildings must participate in fire training and will also be subject to a series of unscheduled fire drills.

A formal offer from the receiver for development firm Gendsong who built the complex has not yet been received by residents but it is understood that an offer of €750,000 to fund the costs will be tabled.

Residents have rejected the combined offer from the Dublin Docklands Development Authority (DDDA) and the receiver which would leave them facing a bill of some €2 million to fix the problems.

Today the residents will meet Minister for the Environment Alan Kelly at Leinster House.

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