A catch up with Phil Costello of Aungier Danger

Aungier Danger, the new doughnut shop on Aungier Street, has had people queuing down the streets for one of their unusual doughnuts since opening last week. With brilliant names like ‘Banoffee Autopsy’ and ‘The Crime Scene’, there’s something for everyone.

The City’s Rachael O’ Brien caught up with Aungier Danger owner, Phil Costello, to hear all about their first week in business.


What is the unique idea behind Aungier Danger?

“I come from a musical background; I like having a good time and I love real American doughnuts so I tried to combine a cool place with cool doughnuts and cool music. Really good coffee was important to that too, so I tried to strike a balance between all these things.

“For the name of the shop, I was sitting in a pub with a friend one night and I was trying to think of something. I read something on Facebook with the hashtag ‘Stranger Danger’, and I was in the process of thinking of something that worked with Aungier and it clicked.

“I was going for the whole Brooklyn urban vibe, so it made sense to have some sort of danger attitude for the doughnuts as well, so I started thinking of crime scenes, gunshots and autopsies. We’re just having fun with the names and there’s more on the way.”

How was your first week of business?

“Unbelievable! We never anticipated the volume of people that came after the Lovin’ Dublin blog wrote about us the night before we opened. It was great.

“Last Thursday morning, we opened at half seven, and there was a queue outside the door. We were sold out of 200 doughnuts in 15 minutes and we had a one per person policy that day. It was crazy.”

After queues out the door in its first week, do you think it will quieten down or will the hype remain?

“I think anywhere has a hype and a buzz at the start. I hope it doesn’t die down, but ultimately like anywhere, places do go quiet. But I believe if we keep doing what we’re doing, we’ll do well. People are coming in to get doughnuts every day to bring to the office for example.”

What are your plans for the future?

“I’m in the process of possibly looking for another place, as soon as the end of this year maybe or early next year. Somewhere bigger that can take a higher production scale, because I have had places emailing me asking for a regular supply of doughnuts so somewhat of a wholesale thing.”

Which are you favourite doughnuts?

“I’ve got two favourites – The Crime Scene and the Dublin Death-Trap. The Crime Scene is the red velvet one with cream cheese filling and strawberry icing. The Dublin Death-Trap is our take on the Boston cream, but with our own vanilla flavoured custard. The rest are all great too, but they’re my babies.”

To find out more and keep up to date with Aungier Danger, check out their Facebook page.

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