It’s the story that really matters

Apollo Entertainment is a recent start-up entertainment company based in Dublin, which can attribute its name and brand to such shows as ‘Wake to Wake’ on Setanta Sports, and its follow-up TV series ‘Off the DOC’. We caught up with CEO/Producer Jonny MacCann.

MacCann (23) began by explaining why he decided to set up the company. “I started Apollo Entertainment because I wanted to tell stories and entertain people, my way,” he said. “I’m mad into sports and love TV, so I found a way of combining the two.”

With the company only just over a year old, it has made great strides in the industry already with wake-boarding documentary ‘Wake to Wake’ being featured on Setanta Sports and their cooking show ‘The Little Green Spoon’ amassing a wide online following. They are also creating content with popular Dublin based website ‘Publin’ and have more shows in the pipeline.

“We’re only one year old, so it’s still early days, but the company has been growing constantly. Apollo Entertainment has now created TV content for RTÉ, TV3 and Setanta Sports, so it’s all go,” he said.

“My next step is to finish this TV series ‘Off The DOC’, which is a wake-boarding reality series for Setanta Sports – it’s due to air the end of this year,” he said.

“After that we’ve a couple of projects in development both for TV and online. The two online series that I produce that are really going strong at the moment are ‘The Little Green Spoon’ and ‘Publin’. They’re two projects I’m very proud of,” he added.

With so many projects under the company’s belt so far, we asked what’s next for one of Dublin’s brightest media start-ups.

“The next step for me personally? I don’t really know, because my company and I are one and the same. So I guess it’s just keeping on the way I’ve been going.” Well it seems to be a formula that has worked so far.

He finished with a solid piece of advice for anyone looking to start out in producing and editing videos.

“Go out and film something,” he said. “Cameras are so accessible and affordable now that you can film a short film on your phone. Just remember the important thing is not what you use to tell your story, it’s the story itself that really matters.

“People will forgive poor quality or shaky video if the story and context is there. Don’t believe me? Nike’s most viewed commercial was shot on a $200 ‘point and shoot’ camera, so go out and tell a story you’d want to hear.”

For more from Apollo, you can visit their website here.

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