Fun for all the family at Smock Alley’s Christmas Fayre

Although one of the smaller Christmas markets, Smock Alley’s Christmas Fayre certainly does not lack in character.

With Christmas carols ringing through the building and 24 stalls upstairs, Smock Alley’s second annual Christmas Fayre had something for everyone.

The two day event had homemade trinkets, artisan pastries and coffee for the adults, Christmas stories by lamplight for the kids and classic Christmas films such as Elf, Miracle on 34th Street and It’s A Wonderful Life for everyone in the family.

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Conor Byrne, the event’s organiser said that although it is only a two day event, it takes almost two months to organise.

“I’ve been planning this for about 6 weeks if not two months. For something to happen for two days there’s still a lot of forward planning and a lot of elements to pull together like the posters and the flyers and contacting different media outlets, getting the stall holders, getting the licence for all the film screenings, all those sorts of things all take time,” he said.

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When asked about the difference between last year and this year, Conor said that the biggest thing was the effect that the weather had on attendance.

“This year we had a storm to contend with which wasn’t ideal obviously. The weather had an adverse effect because people were told not to take unnecessary travel so yesterday was definitely quiet because of that reason.

“Particularly we noticed that there was a lot less kids here. Last year the place was buzzing and bustling with kids coming in but yesterday it was mostly adults who were brave enough or stupid enough to come out into the weather. Now of course the weather has completely changed, it’s sunny so it’s picked up a lot again today,” he said.

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With so many fantastic aspects to the fair, what has proved to be the most popular thing amongst the public?

“The films are definitely popular, I think you could put on It’s A Wonderful Life any time of year and people would go and see it. Miracle on 34th Street is on at the moment and as you can see from the kids piling in Elf is going to be starting soon as well so definitely the films are very popular,” he said.

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