Focus Ireland launch charity events to help tackle homeless crisis

As it stands, up to 5,000 people in Ireland don’t have somewhere to call their home this Christmas, with families sleeping rough, living in emergency shelter or temporary accommodation.

In 2014, Focus Ireland, the country’s leading charity that works with homeless people, found themselves supporting over 11,000 men, women and children.

Speaking to The City, Rebecca Reynolds of Focus Ireland said:

“We have a new type of homelessness, which is coming from a result of economic difficulties.We’re trying our best to meet demands for our services, but demand on us has increased in some places by over 40% in the last few years.

“Fundraising is so necessary to ensure that we can provide these services that people are looking for and that people need,” she added.

This year, the charity is doing as much possible to continue their service, organising a whole host of bucket collections and events around the country.

“We have several collections organised for December,” said Rebecca.

The charity had a huge collection in the Blanchardstown Shopping Centre on Wednesday the 9th of December, with another bucket collection arranged for Friday December 18th in Dundrum Shopping Centre.

Meanwhile, the charity are aiming to raise slightly more money with a bigger event in Waterford.

Focus Ireland have arranged for a charity concert, also on Friday December 18th, in Waterford’s Christchurch Cathedral, with tickets priced at €15.

Musicians playing at the show include Ashley Loftus from The Voice, Dermot Doyle and The Trinity Gospel Choir.

Speaking about the upcoming events, Rebecca said, “We’re hoping to raise a lot of money. People are very willing to give their time when it comes to a charity event.

“The money raised goes into funding for services all around the country, and then it goes to where it’s most needed.”

Donations for the charity can be made at any of the organized collections, or simply through their website

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