‘Every 21 hours, there’s a rape on American campuses’

Jenny Mooney reports on the statistical information revolving around sexual consent in light of Trinity College’s introduction of sexual consent classes for incoming Freshers in September, 2016. 

Trinity College are introducing mandatory sexual consent classes to incoming Freshers in Trinity Hall accommodation from September 2016.

Similar classes have been introduced in the University of Oxford and University of Cambridge  in previous years.

The classes were passed due to increasing concern over a student union’s survey which stated that one in four female students have had a non-consensual sexual experience.

These statistics seem to be fast following the American University ‘rape crisis.’

A survey commissioned by the Association of American Universities, and released in September 2014, says that 27% of female college seniors reported having experienced some form of unwanted sexual contact since entering college.

According to the U.S Department of justice, rape is the most common violent crime on American College campuses.

Every 21 hours there is a rape on an American campus, according to the Crisis Connection National College Health risk behaviour survey.

The definition of sexual consent, when read, seems like an easy and clear definition to understand and practice — ‘Sexual activity requires consent, which is defined as a voluntary, positive agreement between the participants to engage in specific sexual activity’ — according to Women’s Crisis Centre, North Western University.

However, when drinking is involved, which undoubtedly in college is frequently the case, the lines sometimes seem blurry.

This situation is exemplified when a student from Oxford, spoke about her experience in her sexual consent class. She told The Guardian that, ‘I was pretty drunk and so was he. We kept kissing and he pulled down my pants and was touching me. Details began getting fuzzy and I’m not sure what happened after that. I remember waking up hours later to a dark, quiet house without my skirt or pants on. We had sex, I’m sure of it, but it wasn’t something I agreed to. Or did I?’

The sexual consent classes will allow both male and female students to discuss these issues in a controlled environment.


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