Spotlight on: Jobstown Protest

By Conor McNally 

Hundreds took part in a protest on Saturday against the guilty verdict handed out to a 17-year-old who took part in the water protests in Jobstown, Tallaght in 2014.

A judge ruled last Friday that the teenager could be found guilty of false imprisonment but the teenager was discharged conditionally on good behaviour for nine months.

The case concerned an incident in November 2014 when the then Tanaiste Joan Burton and her advisor were trapped in their car for more than two hours.

A large crowd gathered yesterday for the demonstration, which was organised by People Before Profit. The demonstrators gathered at the Central Bank on Saturday afternoon before marching along the quays for a rally at the Children’s Court in Smithfield.

The City got Socialist party member and activist Cillian Gillespie thoughts on the verdict and wider protest movement.

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