Following the US presidential election: Trump Wins Presidency

By Caitriona Murphy

Liberals may have been campaigning for anyone BUT TRUMP, but it seems millions of Americans have done the exact opposite, and have voted for anyone BUT HILLARY, as pundits and pollsters are proved wrong again and Donald Trump has taken the White House in a surprising victory.

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The whole idea behind the ‘anyone BUT TRUMP’ campaign is that Hillary Clinton really is just anyone. In the Democrats eyes she was merely just next in line, so to speak. She has an impressive political background, her husband had a successful two-term presidency, and she is the most qualified woman in the Democratic Party to become the first female president. In the natural order of the Democratic Party she would finally have her turn.

And therein lies the problem, Trump isn’t just anyone – he is a man that has the ability to feed on the widespread hatred and fear around America and create a rhetoric that exploits their discontent at the ordinary political natural order. It is the natural order of the political establishment that the Democrats relied upon and it was their reliance upon the establishment that propelled Trump into the White House.

When the American people were pleading for an outsider, the Democratic party gives them someone who had been on the inside for more than 30 years, and now it seems the Democratic Party are being punished. She is the insider of insiders; she is inside the White House, she is inside Wall Street, she had a part to play in the invasion of Iraq, and she was Secretary of State when the Benghazi attacks took place.

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This is why Donald Trump won. Hillary Clinton is the ultimate insider and Donald Trump is the ultimate outsider and he made it known. People are in shock that someone with no political experience could win the presidential election but it is for this exact reason that he did win. People wanted to see the fall of the political elite and it is Trump’s ultra conservative, xenophobic, nationalistic rhetoric that gave them hope.

Trump was making promises to people in America that infuriated the liberal public and delighted the rest, prompting millions to vote for him. He fed on the racism that is rife in America and he promised a wall, he threatened to ban Muslims or at the very least implement “extreme vetting”, and he promised to round up all of the illegal immigrants and deport them.

One of the most financially elite businessmen in America won the faith of some of the poorest areas in America and it’s not because his campaign was run brilliantly and it is not because he had the support of the Republican Party; he had neither of those. It is because he has the ability to speak to the divided nation and use his segmented rhetoric to attain the support of the working class and the support of the elite. This sort of Orwellian political doublespeak is nothing new in US politics but Trump seems to have perfected it. He promises to bring jobs back to America by implementing the biggest tax cuts since the Reagan administration was in power. He believes that the wealthy are the ones to help the poor and the working class tend to believe him.

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While Trump rallied around the major swing states, his signature policies spoke to the members of the working class that feel like they have been forgotten by the Obama administration over the last eight years. One by one Trump flipped the swing states and it was when Trump started winning previously Obama-dominated swing states, such as Wisconsin, Ohio, Iowa, Pennsylvania and finally Florida (the late clincher in this presidential election) that it was clear that he was going to win and even the most optimistic Hillary supporter could see that there was no hope.

His economic promises, coupled with his misogynistic and racist remarks that have alienated women, Hispanics, Muslims, the disabled and so on, has attracted the attention of the blue collar workers and the white working class population giving him the boost that he needed to edge him over the finish line.

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