Ireland’s Most Influential Fitness Bloggers

By Chelsea Tyler McNeill 

Fitness is the hottest trend around at the minute and the Irish have not been slow in catching on. We have been inundated with fashion bloggers in Ireland, with most girls in Dublin trying their hand at makeup tutorials on Snapchat and outfits on the day on Instagram so the rise of the fitness blogger is a breath of fresh air.


From workout videos on Snapchat and Food Diaries on Instagram, the new fitness bloggers are doing everything they can to inspire the nation to get fit. I suppose if you couldn’t care less about losing weight or staying healthy, the constant stream of a healthy lifestyle on your social media would probably annoy you but isn’t it good to have people to show you how to train and eat clean for free?

Who needs to spend hundreds on a personal trainer or go to Slimming World and be shamed for your food choices when you can get it all online for free. Like the idea?

Then here are Ireland’s top fitness bloggers that you need to follow if you want to get fit.

Sophie Kavanagh:

This Dublin beauty is not only a person trainer, she is also a weight lifting and Crossfit champion. Her Instagram would motivate anyone to get in shape, she posts lots of pictures and videos of herself lifting weights but also inspirational quotes.

Instagram: SophieKavanagh17

Rob Lipsett:

YouTube star and absolute hunk Rob Lipsett is one of the best known faces in Irish fitness, his videos are not only motivational but also crack a lot of fitness myths. When you see his Instagram, you won’t think twice about following, for the eye candy alone.

Instagram: RobLipsett


Niamh Cullen:

This model turned fitness guru is a must follow, she is so down to earth and real which we all need. She is the first to say that she loves a glass of prosecco and she tells you not to get down when you slip up because life is about balance. Niamh’s Snapchats consist of her meals for the day and also her ‘Abs before bed routine’ which shows you how to do a quick core workout from the comfort of your bed.

Instagram: Niamhcullenx

Snapchat: Niamycxo

Vogue Williams:

Source: Wikimedia

Vogue isn’t exactly a fitness blogger but we couldn’t mention Irish fitness influencers without mentioning her. Vogue is a TV host now but is also a fitness junkie. She shares videos on her Snapchat daily of her workouts and her bikini pics on Insta would make anyone want to hit the gym. Vogue is also very open about her anxiety on Snapchat and talks about how fitness has really helped her overcome that.

Instagram/Snapchat: Voguewilliams

Hazel Wallace:

Also known as ‘The food medic’, this junior doctor is also a qualified personal trainer so when it comes to health and fitness, she knows her stuff. Hazel even has a book coming out in 2017 all about a healthy lifestyle so it is a surprise that she even has time to Instagram and Snapchat. The food medic gives amazing tips on food and working out on her social media so for all the beginners, she is a definite follow.

Instargam/Snapchat: Thefoodmedic

Roz Purcell:

Roz has done everything from modelling to Miss Ireland, as well as an Ironman triathlon while still finding time to write a healthy eating cookbook, ‘Natural born feeder.’ Roz has the most amazing recipes for healthy Mars bars and pancakes so you can eat without the guilt. Roz also is an avid exerciser and shares Snapchat videos of her workouts, some of which you can try at home.

Instagram/Snapchat: Rozannapurcell

Kelly Donegan:

Source: Kelly Donegan

This reality star was formerly known for being on the TV show ‘Tallafornia’ but she managed to change everyone’s negative opinions when she got into fitness. Kelly came first place in her first bikini body building competition and now has written her own health and fitness book, ‘Build Your Own Body’ so she knows her stuff when it comes to transforming your body.

Instagram/Snapchat: Itskellydonegan

Orlagh McDonagh:

Also known as the gym bunny, she will inspire anyone with her healthy eating recipes and exercise tips but she is also a great woman for showing how to make fitness fashionable. Her gym gear wardrobe would be the envy of any female member of the Irish fit fam.

Instagram/Snapchat: Gymbunnydublin

So what are you waiting for? Get following and you will be one step closer to achieving the body you always wanted or even just to getting healthy and shining from the inside.

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