Dublin’s best pizza and pint

By Lily Joyce

Looking for the best deal when it comes to grabbing a pizza and a pint? Read on to find the best places in Dublin to indulge, whether for a weekend treat or a mid-week pick me up! 

Cassidy’s – €10 – Popular spot on Westmoreland Street. Enjoy the childhood reminiscent board games like Mouse Trap and Jenga while you wait for your grub.

(Source: Cassidy’s / Facebook)

South William – €12 – A new one to the game with its pizza and a pint offer – a chilled out spot with a gorgeous upstairs boasting comfortable couches to sit and relax. For the smokers, the outside area is cool and quirky with the tables decorated in magazine covers.

(Source: South William/Facebook)

The Bernard Shaw – €10 – The offer ends at 7pm so get there early. Sit in the big blue bus, smoke a shisha and enjoy the pizza! A male and female name is picked each week and if your name is on the board you get a free pizza! They offer up a daily pizza special too. Eatyard has recently opened up next door, so you can pop over and grab some doughnuts for desert afterwards.

Sin É – €10 – Where all the BIMM students and their lecturers hang out. You can order pizza and a pint up until midnight while listening to the variety of bands playing every evening. This place has a great range of pints on offer, it’s not just the cheap ones included in the offer here, you can order most of the craft beers and ciders on tap too.

Doyles – €10 – A popular student friendly bar in the centre of town. Has a great selection of beers and ciders included in the offer. This place has a great buzz in the evening too!

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