Review: Terror Jr – Bop City

By Rachel D’Arcy

While it’s difficult to maintain anonymity in the age of the internet, Dance-Pop trio Terror Jr have managed to keep their identities a firm secret. They debuted their first single, 3 Strikes, in Kylie Jenner’s commercial for her lip glosses back in March, and have since gone on to release their debut album Bop City to critical acclaim.

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(Source: Twitter / Terror Jr)

With an auto-tuned, electronic heavy sound, it’s not dissimilar to what you might hear on the radio or in a club on a Friday night – somewhat generic, but it will get you in the mood to dance. Claiming they’re going to ‘reinvent pop’ on their Twitter feed, it’s easy to see why Terror Jr have gathered somewhat of a decent fanbase with only eight tracks in their back catalogue.

Pop music has come to be a release for many in the wake of what has been widely considered as a not-so-great 2016, and while Terror Jr manage to maintain an upbeat nature to all of they do, their lyrics such as “someone got shot on the TV, but it don’t feel like a movie,” explore the slightly darker edge of what has come to be life in the last two years or so.

As well as having a little more depth than other artists in their genre, they aren’t afraid to have fun with their melodies. Their lyrics aren’t afraid to explore the more explicit through the art of innuendo, especially on Come First, as well as the darkening reality we live in.

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(Source: Youtube)

It’s not all doom and gloom, even if they are called Terror Jr – Bop City has achieved critical acclaim all over the internet. Tracks like Sugar and album opener Little White Bars hook the leader with their solid beats and the enchanting vocals of their anonymous lead vocalist, Lisa Terror.

As they head to the studio to record new music – the band have said that Bop City will potentially be the first in a trilogy – all eyes should keep a look out for Terror Jr in 2017.

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