Last chance to fit ‘93% Stardust’ into your ‘Weekend Plans’

With the working week ending, and the light at the end of the tunnel that is the weekend now becoming a reality instead of just a Monday afternoon dream, you’re probably trying to find a decent way to spend the precious weekend.

Binge-watching Netflix again doesn’t quite cut it as ‘weekend plans’, and if you’ve to respond with “nothing” one more time when that smug co-worker asks what you’ve in store for the weekend, you may have to change jobs.

For those of you who fancy themselves as the ‘Artsy’ type (especially when it doesn’t hurt your bank account) we’ve got you covered. For those not so inclined, you can always just come along to look more cultured and mature in your snapchat story. It’s a win either way.

Vivienne Dick, an Irish filmmaker and artist, is currently running her exhibition ‘93% Stardust’ in the Irish Museum of Modern Art. She has been described by The Irish Times as “one of the most important film-makers Ireland has produced”, and is considered to be one of the pillars of the ‘No Wave’ avant-garde scene in 1970s New York.

The exhibition is an overview of her career showcasing collections of her work from both her ‘No Wave’ era and some of her more recent films, such as ‘The Irreducible Difference of the Other’. The exhibition is concluding its run at the Museum of Modern Art this Sunday, so if you want to catch it, you’d better get your skates on!

Dick’s filmmaking often went hand in hand with the photographer Nan Goldin, who is also running a solo exhibition called ‘Weekend Plans’ (definitely a sign here!) alongside ‘93% Stardust’, so you get a double whammy – two for the price of… well, free actually! There’s no admission charge.

If you’re very into the film scene you may already be planning on heading to the upcoming ‘Dublin Feminist Film Festival’ at The New Theatre on 16th – 18th November where you’ll find Vivienne Dick in the flesh doing a Q&A after screenings of some of her films.

If you’re going to the festival, and want to out-hipster your mates, be sure to catch ‘93% Stardust’ at the weekend to really impress.

By Mary-Kate Findon

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