Face your fears at Farmaphobia

Looking for one last scare this Bank Holiday weekend? Get yourself down to Ireland’s number one Halloween attraction Farmaphobia before it closes for another year on November 1st.

Based in Causey Farm in Co.Meath, Farmaphobia consists of a number of spooky attractions constructed on a traditional farm. The farmhouse, buildings and fields are all transformed into terrifying experiences for just one month each year.

Farm 2
The Field of Screams at Farmaphobia

When booking your trip to Farmaphobia you have the option to choose between a scream pass and an X-scream pass. The scream pass price ranges from €18 to €20 and gives you access to three of five haunts. The X-scream pass price ranges between €27 and €32 and allows you to have access to all five haunts the farm has to offer.

Myself and four other reporters for The City visited three of the five haunts on Thursday night and this is how we got on.

The screams from the attractions could be heard from the moment we left the car and entered the farm. Scattered around the grounds were scary decorations and props, such as bonfires, guillotines and even a life sized Georgie from It, complete with his red balloon and severed arm.

Farm 5
Life size Georgie from Stephen King’s IT

Our scream passes gave us access to three haunts. On arrival we were given a wristband that was marked each time we entered a haunt, ensuring each visitor could only enter once.

Vamporium and Mutation Morgue are set up like your standard haunted house, complete with dark rooms, small spaces to crawl through and terrifying actors who aren’t afraid to get up close and personal. To enter the Mutation Morgue, each visitor is put into a drawer that resembles a morgue refrigerator – an aspect of the experience that I can imagine would not be enjoyable if you’re claustrophobic.

Farm 4
Morgue trays are not for the claustrophobic

What seemed to be the main attraction that everyone was talking about was the Field of Screams. This was the only attraction that we had to queue up for, meaning it is one of the most popular attractions Farmaphobia has to offer. Serving Stephen King’s Children of the Corn vibes, the Field of Screams is a maze cut into a field of corn that you have to stumble around in the dark in whilst being chased by crazy rednecks and lumberjacks with chainsaws. Be prepared to get dirty as even on a dry night we stumbled out of the field with mud up to our ankles.

The three attractions take roughly an hour to complete, but then you can explore the farm, get some food and take pictures with some of the terrifyingly brilliant decorations. With roughly a ninety minute drive between Dublin’s city centre and Causey Farm, Farmaphobia is definitely worth a visit if you’re looking to be truly frightened this Halloween.

You can get your tickets at http://www.farmaphobia.ie

By Cara Croke

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