Your next Netflix marathon? The Good Place is a great place to start

We’re always looking for the next series to keep us occupied, whether you are the type to become engrossed – following all the stars across social media platforms and declaring how much you ‘stan’ them – or simply the person who needs background noise in their room and pays minimal attention to the actual plot of the show.

From the co-creator of Parks and Recreation Michael Schur, The Good Place, is now available on Netflix.

The Good Place revolves around Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell: Frozen, Forgetting Sarah Marshall) and starts with the beginning of her post-death life.

This afterlife is explained as being split into ‘The Good Place’ and ‘The Bad Place’. It quickly becomes clear Eleanor does not belong in The Good Place despite finding herself there.

She meets the architect of The Good Place Michael (Ted Danson), who then introduces her to her ‘soulmate’ Chidi (William Jackson Harper), an excruciatingly indecisive and kind-hearted ethics professor from Nigeria. She also meets Tahani (Jameela Jamil) who is a cheery and seemingly oxymoronically egocentric philanthropist from Pakistan along with Tahani’s soulmate Jianyu (Manny Jacinto), a supposedly silent Buddhist monk.

It would be an understatement to label the group juxtaposed.

A truly diverse group of people slowly bond together as outrageous details about Jianyu’s past emerge and Eleanor ducks and dodges the potential for Michael to discover she doesn’t belong there and send her to eternal damnation in The Bad Place.

The end of the first season offers a shocking discovery by the gang about the afterlife which paves the way for the intriguing storyline that follows.

Now into its third season, with a new 20 to 25-minute episode each Friday, The Good Place is a multifaceted series which offers plenty. From comedy to drama to education all the way to abnormal romance, its comparatively short episodes and quirky characters make it not only straight-forward viewing, but genuinely enjoyable.


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