Locals petition to stop N11 upgrade

By Niamh Baldwin

A petition to prevent upgrade plans to the N11 road has been set up by local residents in Delgany, County Wicklow.

The N11 is set to receive a major upgrade between Loughlinstown Hospital and Ashford, County Wicklow, in order to ease traffic congestion.

However, local residents fear that the upgrade will “destroy Delgany’s beautiful landscape and tear down homes”. An online petition set up by concerned members of the community has gathered over 1,800 signatures.

There are four options for this major N11 upgrade, two of which will go straight through Delgany Golf Course. The third option looks into widening the Glen o’ the Downs road.

The final option is an eight kilometre bypass of the Glen o’ the Downs, which would see a new road built between the Glen o’ the Downs and the Dublin/Roundwood Road, and re-join the existing N11 after passing west of Kilpedder.

Traffic has gone from 25,600 vehicles a day in 1999 to 53,000 last year on the N11 Glen of the Downs road.

Social Democrats Councillor for Greystones, Jennifer Whitmore said: “there is no point in building or creating a new road to be used for cars. It will fill up as quickly as it is built and we will be back to square one quickly.

“Any upgrades must place the availability of fast, efficient, regular public transport at the centre of the proposals and the Government must provide the investment required to enable that.”

The petition shows concern from over 1,800 people about the homes and the beautiful natural landscapes which will be destroyed. TheCity.ie spoke to Megan Browne, a local resident whose house may be affected by the upgrade. She said: “One day we got a letter basically telling us our house is in the way of the new N11 road and that if the option is picked our house will be bought off us and destroyed.

“My house has been passed down from my grandparents and I have lived here all my life. My dad also has an agriculture shop beside our house. It feels like we have no say and are just going to lose our home and my dad’s business,” She added.

Megan isn’t the only person to show concerns of the N11 upgrade. Several people have left comments on the online petition stating how they felt.

Jonty Byrne commented: “I don’t think anyone in Delgany would like to see a town so rich in history and nature carved through and bypassed, resulting in it becoming a ghost town with no character like so many poor villages that you bypass while driving across Ireland”.

Susan Brambell commented: “Improved public transport is a much more sustainable and viable alternative to this ill-conceived motorway route”.   

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