Temple Bar’s hidden treasures

By Andrea Byrne

Dublin has a lot to offer, however, many people do not know that Temple Bar is home to some of the coolest high-end vintage and second-hand shops around.

Tara Stewart, DJ on 2fm and presenter of new podcast Dirty Laundry which looks at exploring the world of sustainable fashion, the way we are currently approaching buying clothes and how big brands are handling the climate crisis, she said: “I think sustainability is becoming more popular and we are talking about it more but there is still more to be done. We need the brands to change to truly make a difference. There is only so much we as a consumer can do.”

Stewart “stopped shopping and promoting fast fashion” and instead chose to highlight sustainable fashion on her social media, such as Instagram where she shows the best pieces that she finds, and her personal style is varied to say the least she finds her fashion: “Everywhere! The 90’s, Hip Hop, P Diddy, Missy Elliott, Aaliyah, UK old school street style. It’s so mixed.”

As shoppers are realising the value of investing in clothes, rather than buying many “throwaway” items of clothing, there are a few key items of clothing needed for Irish weather, Stewart said: “A really good north face puffa for winter, with a HOOD, hoods are key. A few pairs of comfy trainers, pair of docs, good Levi jeans. I like to have fun with clothes and wear whatever I want! So hold onto things you think you might not like anymore, keep it because I bet you will love it again.”

If trends weren’t marketed to the costumers the way they are, the need to buy the hottest newest thing wouldn’t consume the consumer.


Located on 8A Crow Street in Temple Bar, Dublin 2.

My personal favourite vintage shop would have to be Siopella. Hours have been spent browsing their beautiful selection of second-hand designer labels such as Prada, Kate Spade and Louis Vuitton and non-designer labels such as Parfois, Bershka and River Island.

Nine Crows Vintage

Located 22 Temple Lane South in Temple Bar, Dublin 2.

Nine Crows only stocks vintage clothing, re-worked or its own-brand clothing. Its colourful aesthetic and arrangement of rails makes it a joy for shoppers to browse the pre-loved clothing.

Lucy’s Lounge

Located on 11 Fownes Street Upper in Temple Bar, Dublin 2.

Lucy’s Lounge is an underground home of denim jackets, vintage dresses and designer labels. Coming through the entrance there is plenty for the customer to browse from headwear, nik-naks such as re-worked photo frames, and handmade jewellery, there is something for everyone.

Tola Vintage

Located on 10 Fownes Street Upper in Temple Bar, Dublin 2.

Located on Sprangers Yard, Unit 9, Crow Street, Temple Bar in Dublin 2.

Tola Vintage has many spots in Dublin and source their clothing from all around the world to get the most unique items for their stores, two of them being in Temple Bar. Their items are known to be from the 80’s and 90’s and some of their items reworked to make them more in trend.


Located on 1 Crown Alley, Temple Bar in Dublin 2.

This Fresh clothing company is Dublin based and prides itself on providing modern, re-worked vintage clothing. 

Vintage clothing should be looked at like a treasure hunt for fashion shoppers. Finding unique clothing that no one else has, is exciting. When someone asks where you got your outfit you won’t be saying “Thanks Hun, Penneys!”.

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