Podcast: Data rights, hacking and election scandals – The cyber security industry from a woman’s perspective

TheCity.ie’s Kate Brayden sat down with Edel O’Shea, a consultant on the cyber security, privacy and forensics team within a multinational firm, to discuss her experiences of the (male-dominated) industry from a female perspective.

Cyber security is one of the fastest growing industries on the planet, and for a good reason. At the same time, for an industry which offers such promise to those seeking employment, why is the gender gap so stark?

(ISC)² released its 2019 Women in Cybersecurity report, which reveals that women now represent 24 percent of the cybersecurity workforce. While this is an improvement from statistics in 2013, which showed that women made up only 11 percent of the workforce, the issues of leadership, sexual harassment, exclusion and wage disparity remain.

Data rights have hit the headlines in recent years as a result of Cambridge Analytica and Leave.EU scandals involving Facebook, Brexit and the US Presidential elections. Europe introduced GDPR laws to address the transfer of data across the world, and to offer more privacy and protection to its citizens.

From data rights and hacking scandals to the fight for equality in a male-dominated workplace: Edel gives us an insider’s look at what goes on inside our phones, laptops and tablets, and how we can attempt to protect ourselves from cyber breaches.

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